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Unique umbrellas with a huge collection of designs, styles, handles. Single masterpieces entirely manufactured in Italy, in a unique sector all over the world, while the consistent Asian competition provides for poor quality products at very low prices.

Notwithstanding the general economic crisis, in the countryside of Mantova there is still someone who continues to produce handmade bespoke umbrellas and distribute them in every corner of the world, using a brand name that will shortly celebrate its 60th anniversary: Pasotti.

The company stands out for its creativity and consistent material search, all exclusively Italian: enameled brass handles, Swarovski® crystals, precious silk fabrics and marvellous decorations. 

“The company was started in 1956” – explains the owner, Mrs Eva Giacomini – “and was founded by my mother, Ernesta Pasotti, who began producing one-of-a-kind umbrellas that she sold directly, sometimes riding her bicycle. Then, with my father Vittorio Giacomini, who mainly took care of sales, the company grew from a small artisan company to a large one with over one hundred employees. Today there is no room for such an industrial production, due to competitors from Asia, so we have downsized and we mostly concentrate on limited edition umbrellas. We produce 40 000 handmade umbrellas a year: they are very high quality products that are sold in the most prestigious boutiques in 75 countries all around the world. 93% of our turnover is done abroad, mainly Europe, North America, Russia and China. Besides the Pasotti collection, we are proud for a series of private-label cooperations with the most worldwide fashion brands”.

And the overseas market is truly continuing to grow, thanks to Nicola and Andrea Begotti, the next generation, taking part to the most important fashion weeks and investing a lot on the Web, thus increasing the brand recognition.

Italian luxury umbrella manufacturing lives on from generation to generation.

Via Roma n.77 - 46014, Castellucchio (MN) Italy
Phone +39 0376 438791 - Fax +39 0376 438927
P.IVA 00568030209

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